Ask & Receive
Raising Funds and Friends for Campus Ministry

The Ask & Receive newsletters were designed to supplement the Fund Raising Initiative of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry Team. (2010-2012) They presented a series of ideas and resources on a monthly basis to address the challenges of fund raising and board development, focused on the particular context of campus ministry. Each issue dealt with an aspect of fund raising, such as the annual appeal, visiting donors, trends, or tuning up the board. The newsletters were published on behalf of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry Team - The editor was Galen Hora. Although dated the advice presented is still valid today.

  1. Stewardship and the Ask
  2. The Annual Fund
  3. The Fundraising Letter
  4. Considering Potential Donors
  5. How to Ask for a Gift
  6. Expanding the Circle of Friendship
  7. A Mission Statement Aids the Ask
  8. When is it Feasible to Ask
  9. The Annual Campaign Purpose
  10. Preparing for the Fall Appeal
  11. Grant Writing
  12. The Visit and the Variables
  13. And the Winner is!
  14. Ask for Friends or Funds?