Board of Higher Education & Campus Ministries

A Training Forum for Local Boards

Mission – The mission of campus ministry in the Virginia Conference is that of the United Methodist Church: “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Vision: “Campus Ministry invites and equips students to explore, engage and embody an active faith in God.”

The strength of our campus ministry is directly dependent on the effectiveness of our local boards. For this reason we consider board training and development essential to achieving the mission and vision.

In January of 2020 the BHECM sent “Campus Ministry Local Board Training Guidelines”  to all board members as a framework for assessing both individual and board training needs. We asked that each board member read the handout and then take a training needs assessment on-line survey. To respond to these needs identified by the survey, a three “option” plan was developed to meet specific board training needs. On-site training, self-training & Webinars, and a consolidated board development forum.  The COVID-19 restrictions changed these plans.

To form a base-line for local board training this web site was redesigned. The Top Menu is organized by board member position. The contents of each page include the information and best practices on how to fulfill the responsibilities. The Side Menu includes information on general board responsibilities.

Please use the following reference documents:

  • Local Board Training Guidelines (Guidelines) The guidelines provide a baseline for local board training and development.
  • BHECM Handbook (BHECM Handbook (2020)) The handbook provides guidelines and procedures for the effectiveness of campus ministry in the Virginia Conference. The resources on this site are compatible with the handbook.